About Us

About Us

We are Christians who gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are entirely nondenominational - we simply preach and practice the teachings of Scripture and conduct our activities in keeping with the pattern described in the New Testament.

Some of the basic truths we believe are:

The Bible is God's unerring Word - the only authoritative source for spiritual truth.

The Lord Jesus Christ is God; He had a virgin birth, perfect life and was crucified.

The Lord Jesus was miraculously resurrected and returned to Heaven.

Men and women are eternal beings, created by God, with living souls which will exist forever.

We must be born again to have our sins forgiven, obtain peace with God, and be in Heaven after life on earth is over.

God's eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice for sin.  

Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

We obtain salvation through faith in Christ alone, not through religion, merit, or human effort.

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